Get To Know More In Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Get To Know More In Scandinavian Interior Design Style

image Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Get To Know More In Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Scandinavian interior design does not reveal complexity. It is very simple, but still looks elegant and stylish.

Scandinavian interior design or Scandinavian interior is one of the most popular interior concepts that are very popular with many people. Its simple and elegant appearance makes people attracted to applying this design style in their homes.

The vigorous promotion of Scandinavian style is also in tune with the growing popularity of IKEA as one of the biggest producers and retailers of furniture in this Nordic country.

Apart from that, there are still many who do not know in depth what exactly is Scandinavian design style.

Let’s start from what is Scandinavia.

What is Scandinavia?
Scandinavia actually refers to a peninsula in parts of northern Europe. Quoting Wikipedia, Scandinavia itself includes countries such as Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Denmark, and also Norway.

These countries are also known as Nordic Countries. They are famous for their climate which is quite extreme, the quality of their education is qualified, and as a country with the best level of happiness of its people in the world.

In the field of education and quality of life, these Nordic countries have principles that make them able to look different while maintaining and maintaining the quality and characteristics that they have.

One that distinguishes Scandinavian countries from other countries is the principle of life that they profess or believe in. The main principle of life in question is less is more.

Less is more this emphasizes choosing quality over quantity. Quantity may be defeated, but quality must be number one.

If we try to compare with other countries, such as the United States for example, the principles of Scandinavian countries are very different. Where most citizens of the United States more believe that more is more, which is also one of the principles that are widely adopted in Indonesia. They believe that quantity is everything.

Let’s try analogy in a case.

When faced with the choice to buy three medium-quality clothing with one high-quality clothing, with relatively the same price, Skandi residents will have the tendency to buy just one piece of clothing, be it clothes, shirts, pants, or jackets that have high quality. Even though the price tag is quite high compared to the price of three pieces of medium quality clothing.

It is different with US citizens or generally citizens in Indonesia, they will tend to choose to buy three medium-quality clothing rather than one high-quality clothing at a more expensive price.

Well, this strong principle of the philosophy of less is more is what you can ultimately find from Scandinavian-style interior design concepts. Utilization of limited resources to obtain maximum results is one of the most important elements of this Nordic country’s distinctive style.

Beginning of Scandinavian Design Concepts
Scandinavian design style first appeared in the early 20th century and then spread in the 1950s. In that period, designers from various countries in Europe had the same goal to innovate and modernize various design ideas to become a new trend in the future. This is where Scandinavian designers begin to develop design ideas that prioritize function but without ignoring the aesthetic aspects of a design product.

Not long after that, Scandinavian architectural concepts began to be introduced at various design exhibitions. One of them was in the exhibition Design in Scandinavia organized by the Brooklyn Museum in 1954.

“Scandinavian designers held many exhibitions in the United States and Canada in the period 1954 to 1957.”

In addition to exhibitions in Brooklyn, Scandinavian designers also hold exhibitions in other places, especially in the United States and Canada in the period 1954 to 1957.

One important thing that continues to be promoted by them is the Scandinavian way of life that prioritizes beauty, simplicity, and clean design ideas.

It is these exhibitions which ultimately have a significant role in introducing and popularizing Scandinavian design concepts and influencing the development of design in North America and Europe.

Began to spread widely around the 1950s, in fact Scandinavian designers have contributed greatly to the development of this design style since the 1930s. Some famous names that deserve to be mentioned include Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Borge Mogensen, Hans J. Wegner, Verner Panton, Poul Henningsen, and Maija Isola. They all have provided pictures of models and value principles that still inspire Scandinavian design ideas today namely, durability, functionality, dependability, and simplicity.

Typical Scandinavian Design
When it was first introduced in the United States and Canada, it was the Scandinavian principles and ways of life that were the main important points that appeared in the whole Scandinavian design idea.

The Scandinavian way of life, which ultimately centers on their famous design, is; beautiful, simple, clean and inspired by nature and the climate. In addition, accessibility is also another important consideration, where all raw materials must be easily accessible and available to all groups.

This is what appears and looks very dominant in Scandinavian-style home designs.

If we try to conclude into 5 points, this is the characteristic of Scandinavian design, including;

1. Closely related to nature

Home design in the Nordic Country is built on principles that focus on beauty, simplicity and cleanliness. Not surprisingly, the models of these houses tend not to be too stiff from one house to another.

Scandinavian home design is also built from the climate situation in their country which is often hostile. A very cold climate causes the design of the house must be functional and comfortable at the same time as minimal use of furniture.

One of the natural materials that are often used for interior and exterior needs of the house is wood. Wood itself is an element of home building that can give a natural and warm impression.

The selection of wood elements is usually applied to the floor, ceiling, and furniture. The wood material used is also more often left as natural as possible and uses colors that are not striking. This is intended to give a strong natural impression.

2. Prioritize Aesthetic Functions and Values

If there is a most obvious feature in a Scandinavian home design, it is the prioritization of aesthetic functions and values.

Scandinavian designers are more interested in producing functional products or furniture with long durability and efficient prices without ignoring the beauty of their models and designs.

If you have been to IKEA retail, you can notice how their products are designed to be functional, durable, and display a natural feel.

The concept and design of their furniture is really designed to emphasize function. Looks simple, minimalist, but with a pretty aesthetic appearance.

3. Maximizing Furniture Layout

Another distinctive feature of Scandinavian design is the matter of furniture layout.

In order to get the maximum comfort and visual space that remains good, the maximum layout can provide flexibility for residents. With the concept of trying to utilize all available space, furniture selection usually tends to be minimal in detail.

This gave birth to the impression of a neat and simple room. The furniture used also has harmony and balance in color. Neutral color choices are the most dominant.

As for accessories, Scandinavian style home decor does not reveal any hassle. He is very simple, but still elegant and stylish.

4. Large Aperture

Large openings become one of the further characteristics of Scandinavian design style.

The small amount of sunlight that shines in the winter in these Nordic Countries causes large openings to become one of the most important architectural elements that must be considered. Large windows allow sunlight to enter perfectly into the house. In addition, air circulation will feel very maximal.

This large opening is also a small secret why Scandinavian-style houses can look very bright, quiet, and comfortable.

5. Domination of Neutral Color

White, gray and beige paint colors are colors that are often used in Scandinavian interior concepts.

As mentioned earlier, neutral colors are the most dominant in Scandinavian homes. And this neutral color selection is not without cause. The neutral color senagaj is used as the main color scheme because of its ability to make the room feel more spacious, airy, and bright.

Even so, pastel colors and other bright colors such as light blue and light brown, are also widely used even if only as an accent. This is to make Scandinavian home interiors feel more colorful and more alive.

Differences in Scandinavian and Minimalist Design
Many are mistaken and equate Scandinavian designs with minimalist designs.

Ignorance is worth teaching because these two design ideas generally have the same basic concepts. It’s just the choice of color and material are usually the distinguishing factors of the two most popular design styles.

Citing, for color selection, Scandinavian furniture is more focused on finding a balance between the striking and soothing parts. While the minimalist design allows for a mixture of bright and calm colors.

The main material that is commonly used has a significant difference. As quoted from elledecor, minimalist designs more often combine plastic materials that are rust resistant, chrome, and varnished plastic. Whereas in Scandinavian design, organic materials related to nature, such as wood, become the main material that is commonly used.

However, with the principles that are equally related to focusing on a simple and not adventurous appearance, distinguishing the two will be very difficult. Especially for us as end users alias end users who are very fond of minimalist interior appearance and simple and functional appearance.

Scandinavian interior design style or also known as Nordic style, is one of the best choices of interior styles now. Prioritizing functionality, he appears very minimalistic and simple.

This design style also has the same passion with a minimalist style. Both carry a minimalistic appearance, and minimal decorations that burden the space capacity. Both Scandinavia and Minimalism, both display clean and neat lines, but are rich in aesthetics.

With strict principles and harmony with nature, Scandinavia is also one of the most popular sustainable interior design concepts. It is not surprising why Scandinavian or Scandinavian interior designs are so popular.

Are you also a fan of this Scandinavian design idea?

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