10 Inspiring Narrow Kitchen Designs, Cooking Becomes Super Practical

10 Inspiring Narrow Kitchen Designs, Cooking Becomes Super Practical

image 10 Inspiring Narrow Kitchen Designs, Cooking Becomes Super Practical

10 Inspiring Narrow Kitchen Designs, Cooking Becomes Super Practical!

Often we find housing both houses or apartments with small land, including for the kitchen which is definitely only makeshift. Without a good narrow kitchen design, a limited area of ​​motion will make us difficult in cooking.

In fact, the kitchen should be an area in the house that makes us comfortable for long. Moreover, if you have to cook on a large scale for an event. With the phenomenon of this narrow house and apartment, a small kitchen becomes a problem in itself.

But not to worry, a very limited area can be tricked with small kitchen design choices that can make the cooking atmosphere more pleasant. You can optimize the available space, instead of having difficulty moving, your cooking activities will become very practical.

Curious how? Check out 10 inspirational kitchen designs that you can apply in this house, yes!

1. Narrow U Shape Kitchen Design

Tips for arranging a small kitchen first is to make it U-shaped. With a cabinet like this, you can move freely in the middle of the kitchen while cooking and preparing food.
In addition, a kitchen design like this will make your movements more effective. For example, you don’t need to go far when moving a used pan to the kitchen sink.
Or also, when going to take a plate to move cooked food from the pan, you just turn around to the right or left. More practical, right?

2. Small Kitchen Design Equipped with a Window

The main function of the window is as a path for air circulation and natural light from the sun. However, for the small kitchen itself, the use of windows can make the kitchen look more spacious and comfortable.
Precisely, because the air is easier to enter, the atmosphere of the kitchen will be brighter and make it look bigger. Plus, you can open the window while cooking so the smoke will come out immediately, and of course more electricity saving during the daytime.

3. Use of a Mirror in the Small Kitchen

In the interior world, mirrors are a famous decoration as the solution of a small room because it can bring up the illusion of a bigger room.
For small kitchen designs, use a mirror as an efficient backsplash material. This mirror will reflect the shadow of the room around him, so that a small kitchen can feel more spacious.
In addition, mirror material is also easy to clean from oil and food ingredients splashed when you cook, even easier to clean than wood material.

4. Narrow Kitchen Design With Unique Furniture

In determining the narrow kitchen design, it means you have to choose what furniture must be owned and not so necessary so that the room does not become crowded.
If there is a lot of furniture that cannot be removed, the solution is to use furniture that can be hidden when not needed.
For example, like the beautiful kitchen picture above. This minimalist kitchen has a table that is planted in the cabinet. You just pull the drawer when you want to use the table, and you can close it when the table is not used.

5. The use of open shelves in a narrow kitchen design

If your small kitchen feels crowded with the use of hanging cabinets, then there’s nothing wrong with using a rack to organize your simple minimalist kitchen.
To create a more spacious and spacious impression, remove the cabinet and use an open wall shelf instead.
Thus, you will have a small but neat kitchen. Another advantage of using this open shelf is that it prevents furniture from moisture and saves you time when searching for an object.

6. Wet Dish Rack For Small But Neat Kitchen

After washing the dishes, we usually put the plates in a container to drain them from water, before returning them to the storage cabinet. This habit will certainly take up a lot of space in the small kitchen.
As a solution, you can place a barred plate storage rack just above the laundry place. Dishes that have been washed and are still wet you can immediately put on the shelf. Save space and energy, right? This small kitchen design also looks more concise and efficient.

7. Cookware Hanger in a Simple Minimalist Kitchen

Just like an open shelf, the hanger area can make a small kitchen design look more spacious. Make a hanger area on one wall and use it to place various kinds of pans, pans, and cooking spoons.

This storage technique will be more efficient place compared to storing it in a cupboard. When you want to use one of the cooking utensils earlier, you will find it easier to find and retrieve it without the need to unload the stack in the cupboard.

8. Multifunctional Small Kitchen Design

This multifunctional small kitchen design will definitely be very useful for those of you who like to cook. Moreover, the design innovation must be very charming.
Usually, we will wash the food before cutting it. With this multifunctional design, you can shift the cutting board when you want to wash food ingredients, then move it back when you want to cut the material.
Pretty helpful, right? You only need one kitchen cutting board and no need to go back and forth to the laundry.

9. Tiny Kitchen Design With Corner Cabinet

This narrow kitchen design is often overlooked by many homeowners. The second part of the cabinet corner is usually unused because the cabinet design is an ordinary design.
By using a corner cabinet design, you can optimize this very limited small kitchen space.

10. Bright Atmosphere for a Narrow Kitchen

Last but not least, we are talking about the color of narrow kitchen paint. So that a small kitchen looks more spacious and not crowded, lighting in a minimalist kitchen design must be made as bright as possible.
If your kitchen doesn’t have a window, you can create a bright atmosphere by using enough lights, choosing brightly colored furniture, and using a backsplash that reflects light.
Of course it’s better if your kitchen has a window so the room can get natural lighting which makes the atmosphere bright all day.

That’s 10 narrow kitchen designs that you must consider to organize the kitchen at home. If the kitchen at home can be made as comfortable and practical as possible, why not?

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