6 Things to Consider When Changing Home Doors

6 Things to Consider When Changing Home Doors
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6 Things to Consider When Changing Home Doors

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Planning to welcome the front door of your home? But not sure where to start? The door of the house is the first thing people will see, be it your neighbors or friends, when they come to the house. Therefore, its function is important because its job is to welcome you and your colleagues. You can check the door of the house with a new color that might make a classic home more attractive. Another way is to replace it with a newer model. summarizes a number of tips from Better Homes & Gardens, which can help you in finding help when installing doors. Here are some things you can follow:

1. Maintain classic colors
Colors like brown, black or gray have been proven to stand the test of time. Conversely, dark red or dark blue can also be a neutral color for a classic door. If you change the exterior of your home later, the neutral color will be changed with you. Another neutral option is to stain your door instead of painting it. Wood stain will prioritize natural materials or door grain patterns.

2. Don’t be afraid to use color
Some people are nervous about using bright colors in their decorations, but the door is a smaller commitment than painting the whole house or room. So why not experiment? If you like to have a hue that truly expresses your personality, try it! Splashes of orange, yellow, or lime green make a bold statement at your front door. If light colors are too scary, try dark versions, such as burgundy, forest green, or eggplant.

3. Buy the right paint
Because your door will be exposed to external elements, using the right paint will prevent peeling and fading later. Latex exterior paint provides weather-resistant coverage. If your door is made of metal, look for one that has built-in rust protection. Whatever you choose, you must go to the door with the exterior primer first. Door-friendly exterior paint is available in various colors such as matte, semigloss, glossy, and others. Glossy finishing will show architectural details, if desired.

4. Don’t ignore the door layer
If you have a screen door, you can paint it with a contrasting color frame for the second color punch.

5. Pay attention to the style of your home
You can adjust the model and color of the door paint to the style of your home. Don’t be afraid to break the rules a little. Using unexpected colors can add personality and liven up traditional facades.

6. Consider the condition of the surrounding environment
Look at the environmental conditions around your home. Green, blue, brown or something else around you can be an inspiration. Using natural colors has an added bonus to make your house look like it belongs to the landscape.

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