6 Tips for Organizing a Living Room 2019

6 Tips for Organizing a Living Room 2019

organizing a living room

6 Tips for Organizing a Living Room 2019

As the first room to be found when entering the house, the living room must be charming and impress the guests present. Following this, tips on organizing a guest room are worth a try this year.

There are six rules that the homeowner must know with the living room so that the first room gives an impression for themselves and for guests who visit.

1. Don’t use dark colors
Interior designer in Northern California Jeff Fiorito said that if the living room has a small size, do not use dark colors because it will give the impression that the room becomes narrower.

“Dark colors will disguise the ends of the room, so the dimensions of the room also feel smaller,” he said.

2. Use a small carpet, according to the size of the room
According to Pam Faulkner, an interior designer from Virginia, with a sofa, coffee table and bench space, many people put carpet rugs under the table. Don’t hesitate to use a small rug with a firm blend of colors.

“Mix with certain colors and patterns will make a generally small living room feel wider,” Faulkner said.

3. The ceiling does not have to be white
Color the ceiling or ceiling of the living room with colors that are several levels brighter than the color of the wall, not only with white, but can also help reflect light and make the room feel wider and brighter.

However, architects and interior designers in Massachusetts Leslie Saul said that it would not hurt if you want to try more boldly by adding accent wallpaper or bright colors to color the ceiling so it is not boring.

4. Don’t put too much stuff
The minimalist trend for dressing up the living room is now outdated, interior designer in New Jersey Blanche Garcia suggests decorating the living room with a maximalist approach. Put interesting patterned items with bright colors, but not too much and don’t use similar colors.

5. Use attractive pattern knick-knacks
“Although there are still many who believe that mixing a variety of patterns on wall decorations in the living room is something taboo, there’s nothing wrong with trying to use a variety of unique and firm wall decoration patterns,” said Karin Sun, founder of Crane & Canopy.

Try to combine paintings or decorations of different sizes with matching colors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the living room, such as putting a patterned pillow, rolling out a blanket, or putting up large-sized furniture.

6. Place the mirror facing out
Generally, the mirror is placed facing outward, where there is a view or to another wall decoration in the room. Faulkner suggested not to put a mirror facing something less attractive like a fan for example.

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