7 Tips for Cleaning Houses Quickly and Effectively

7 Tips for Cleaning Houses Quickly and Effectively

image 7 Tips for Cleaning Houses Quickly and Effectively

7 Tips for Cleaning Houses Quickly and Effectively

Having a clean and healthy home is everyone’s dream. But if we keep on lazy cleaning, dust and bacteria that are attached will certainly be a nest of disease. Don’t want the people we love to get sick and feel uncomfortable in a dirty house. Now, from now on, start diligently to clean up, and you can peek at some tips for cleaning the house quickly and effectively.

1. Change your bed linen and vacuum bed

The mattress that we occupy every day will be filled with dead skin cells and our sweat, this area is a favorite place for germs, ticks and bacteria to gather. A microbiologist from the University of East Anglia recommends washing bed linen at least once a week, using hot water at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Well, hot water serves to kill bacteria.

Vacuuming the bed is also a mandatory agenda. Do it at least once every two weeks, which is useful for removing dust and removing mold. Why do you like gatel-gatel and sneezing? Now, it’s time you routinely and diligently clean the area where we rest.

2. Clean the wooden floor with warm water

Wooden floors do give a warm and natural impression to our homes. But you know, wood floors are susceptible to damage if they are not treated and have an easily moist nature, so that dust and dirt are more difficult to clean.

To clean it you must diligently sweep the floor every day with a soft hairy broom. Can also vacuum using vacuum. To remove the dirt, use a dry mop. And that is no less important so that the wood floor is durable, you should mop by mixing wood floor cleaners with warm water.

3. How to Clean Sponge and Washcloth

There’s no point in cleaning the house with a cloth and an old sponge full of bacteria! The correct way to prevent this is to soak the washcloth in a detergent and drying solution. Every time you finish using it, always stretch it in the clothesline or where it is used to hang it. This is useful to prevent moisture from becoming a nest of bacterial breeding.

For a sponge, soak it in hot water mixed with detergent, let it sit for a while and knead when rinsing with water. Bingo! Your rags and sponges are now clean and hygienic!

4. Clean the Bathroom Wall with Vinegar and Lemon

In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom becomes the dirtiest place, which contains bacteria and germs if it is rarely cleaned. The walls are quite difficult to clean especially if there are crusts or stains that stick. How to clean it?

Using white vinegar: Spray vinegar on the bathroom wall, let stand for a moment then flush with hot water while rubbing using a brush. Let stand again and rinse thoroughly.

Using Lemon and Hot Water: Rub the lemon on the crusty and stained wall. Then flush with hot water carefully, then rub using aluminum wire and rinse thoroughly.

5. Don’t Delay Washing the Dishes

Yes, we know how difficult it is to clean dirty dishes after use, especially when we are tired or in a hurry. But did you know? The dishwasher contains 100,000 times more bacteria than bacteria in the bathroom. Hiii really scary right? That is why it is better to immediately wash the dishes when finished, to avoid bacteria and viruses, and also to keep the kitchen clean and healthy.

6. Don’t Forget to Clean the Car Stir

Even though the car is often cleaned, don’t think the germs won’t continue to nest in it, especially on the steering wheel. Due to the habit of driving while eating or dirty hand conditions, research shows that the average steering turns seven times more dirty than a seat in a public toilet. Wow, it’s so scary! So don’t be lazy to clean it by spraying cleaning fluid on the steering wheel. Let stand a few minutes then wipe using a clean cloth. Rub gently until the dirt disappears.

7. Cleaning the AC Filter

Non-serviced air conditioners can make bad air in our homes. Now, some air conditioners now make it easier for us to open the filter by hand, without the need for equipment. To clean the filter, use a cloth that has been moistened with water or suck dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner. This is very simple and you can save on maintenance costs.

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