7 Tricks to Create a Dream Home with a Minimalist Design

7 Tricks to Create a Dream Home with a Minimalist Design

image Create a Dream Home with a Minimalist Design

7 Tricks to Create a Dream Home with a Minimalist Design that is Friendly in Pockets

Minimalist home design is now in demand by many people, especially the newlyweds. Minimalist house is just right for couples today, aka millennial generation. Besides being proven to be more economical, the minimalist home design concept also looks more modern and neat.

Minimalist home architecture is identical to geometric shapes that are not many decorations. Minimalist houses also utilize building materials that tend to be simple and functional.

Don’t forget, however, the house is not only about size or appearance, but also about comfort. Well, you are planning to build a house, make sure you have the right planning so that the house is more comfortable to live in.

Come realize your dream residence with 7 tips to make this minimalist home more comfortable and elegant.

1. Avoid storing items that are not needed
Remember, one of the principles of a minimalist home is that the items in the house are functionally chosen. That is, separate or discard useless items or you have not used for more than three months.

On the other hand, make sure the existing furniture does have the functions you need. Even better if it’s multifunctional. For example, a bed that also has a function as a storage area.

2. Minimize the use of bulkheads between spaces
When designing a house, remember not to over-limit the room.

The use of bulkheads or barriers can make the room narrower. Instead of using bulkheads, use furniture as a barrier between two rooms.

For example, you can use a cupboard or table as a room separator as shown below.

3. Use a mirror as a decoration
The mirror is reflective so that it can create an illusion that can make a house look bigger than it really is. For that, choose a large mirror as a wall decoration.

Besides the wall, you can also choose a closet with mirror-coated doors to have a similar effect.

4. Add natural elements to give a warm impression
To give a warm impression, you can choose some furniture with motifs or basic materials of wood or natural stone. Make the home atmosphere more beautiful and beautiful by adding some ornamental plants that stick to the wall.

Choose plants that are able to adapt to indoor conditions and do not require many special treatments such as love trees, elephant ears, or aloe vera. Some of these trees can stand out from the sun for one to three weeks so that you can just take it out occasionally in one month.

It would be better if the selected plants are also able to clean the air like aloe vera plants.

5. Ensure maximum lighting and circulation
Usually, a minimalist house is built on a narrow area and is squeezed by another house. Therefore, make sure the lighting and air circulation are good enough so that the house does not become dull and stuffy.

Of course it would be better if your house faces the rising sun so that it is exposed to the morning sun which can reduce the humidity of the room. If not, you can use a wide window optimally.

Also maximize the use of air vents to save on the use of air conditioners. A house with enough lighting will avoid a gloomy impression and make the room feel more spacious. Meanwhile, a good home circulation is certainly good for the health of residents and make the air fresher.

6. Choose furniture that doesn’t use a lot of space
To save a lot of space, use hanging furniture or attached to the wall. Hanging furniture looks practical and makes the room feel more spacious.

On the other hand, hanging furniture can also add to the aesthetics of the room in your home.

7. Avoid choosing dark colors
The selection of colors in a minimalist house is also typical with neutral colors such as white, black, and gray. Even so, these neutral colors are also not rarely combined with a little bright color.

If you want to make the room look wider, choose bright colors like white or light gray as the dominant color.

Minimalist home design can be transformed into a comfortable and elegant residence.

Basically a minimalist home design is to optimize the use of functional furniture so that it is more efficient but still aesthetic.

To make a home comfortable to live in, it is not a matter of how big the size of the house is, but how precise the application of furniture and layout of space in the house is.

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