5 Ways to Decorate a Bedroom That Makes More Comfortable

5 Ways to Decorate a Bedroom That Makes More Comfortable

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5 Ways to Decorate a Bedroom

Are you getting bored with the atmosphere of the bedroom now? Try to take advantage of your time by redecorating your own room. Make the room feel wider and make you more relaxed at rest. Here are five ways to decorate a practical bedroom.

1. Add Fresh Flowers

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Put fresh flowers in the bedroom to make the atmosphere more comfortable. Adjust the color of the flower with your room decor. Place the flower beside the bed.

“Flowers on the bedside is a must for me because flowers increase enthusiasm and add a romantic touch to the room,” said home decor expert Nicole Hill, as reported by eHow.

2. Change Room Lights

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According to Hill, lighting can affect a person’s mood. If you usually only use white or bright room lights, try replacing it with dimmer lighting. Soothing lighting will make a different feel in your bedroom. There is nothing wrong with wearing a unique sleeping lamp with cute decorations.

3. Change Dark Color Curtains

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Many choose bright color curtains for rooms such as white, beige, and light blue. But many also try to make the room more economical. Actually the darker the room, the faster you fall asleep. Therefore, invest your money in dark curtains or curtain covers.

4. Select the Blue Wall Paint

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Studies conducted by the Lighting Research Center in New York, United States show that blue has a calming effect and relieves stress. Choose colors with soft palettes such as baby blue, pastel blue or dusty blue for a wider room impression. Salted egg blue gives a cool impression, but if you don’t want your room to look like a hospital room, combine it with white furniture. The combination of these two colors gives a fresher feel.

5. Add the Aroma of Lavender

Lavender can provide a relaxing effect when inhaled. Some studies also show that the aroma of purple flowers can help you get better quality sleep. The aroma of lavender can be presented through oil or aromatherapy candles, it can also be dried flowers as a mixture of potpourri placed in the corner of the room or dressing table.

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