5 Bathroom Floating Vanity Ideas To Choose

5 Bathroom Floating Vanity Ideas To Choose

Have you already had bathroom floating vanity? If not, provide your five minutes now to find out the most beautiful floating vanity for your bathroom. Yeah, this article is aimed to share the idea of settling the floating vanity which serves you with the modern and traditional design as well as the decorative and the plain one.

One of the major reason why you must pick up floating vanity for a bathroom is its function which is to prim and pamper, comb your hair or just stay in a few minutes staring at your reflection in the mirror.

Here are the ideas of floating vanity styles you can choose for your bathroom.

Rustic Style

Bathroom Floating Vanity for rustic

If you are a person who loves natural knots and colors, rustic style can be the option to consider. Along with the rough wood constructing the vanity, the rustic style vanity will enhance the woodland-inspired décor. It really suits your wooden house.

Modern Style

The second idea of floating vanity you can choose is the modern style, particularly when you have already had a minimalist house design with the modern style. Colored in white, the modern vanity offers a minimalist décor with the floating style for minimal floor footprints and light reflecting texture. It is very modern in the look.

Asymmetrical Vanity

Asymmetrical Vanity

The next idea you can check out is the asymmetrical vanity. This design of bathroom floating vanity is very ideal for most bathroom type. It is because the design is very attractive and featuring open plumbing along with the weightlessness to make the bathroom looks special.

Simple and Clean Design

Are you just a simple person with a simple way of living? The simple and clean design of floating vanity will surely suit you more. The simple lines and colors are a great choice for most people with simple taste. There is a lot of storage you can use optimally along with the counter space on both sides. Although it is designed almost with simplicity, however, space provided proves to be practical and beautiful.

Glamorous Mirrored Vanity

bathroom Glamorous Mirrored Vanity

bathroom Glamorous Mirrored Vanity

Do you want your bathroom has a glamorous style as the Hollywood artists have? If so, don’t forget to consider the glamorous mirrored vanity which is designed with the beautiful French etched mirror and chandelier. A glam girl is in you then.


All in all, it is quite necessary to choose the suitable bathroom floating vanity either to match the bathroom with the interior design or to serve you the best functions as you expect. Hopefully, you will be inspired by one of these floating vanity ideas to make your bathroom wonderful and beautiful.

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