What is The Minimum Size of Bathroom with Shower

What is The Minimum Size of Bathroom with Shower

When it comes to think about what to work with the minimalist home, you can’t ignore to figure out the minimum size of bathroom with shower, especially when you want a bathroom with shower while you have only a limited space to make it.

There are some elements you have to consider to create a small bathroom such as doors and clear space, fixture placement, ceiling and fixture heights, electrical and the bathroom storage. Thus, this article will going to share you the ideas to dealing with these elements to make your small bathroom with shower comes true.

Doors and Clear Space

Doors and Clear Space of small bathroom

The first elements to measure are the doors and the clear spaces of the bathroom. This way, you need 32-34 inches for the code of the doorway opening to the bathroom. It is very important to make sure that the door will not hit the vanity or toilet when you swing it.

Fixture Placement

The second element you have to predict in the measurement is the fixture placement. The fixture such as tub, toilet, vanity, sink, and shower must have a minimum space allowance to pass code. This way, the toilet needs 30 inches to sit and the sink needs 20 inches. Meanwhile, the shower needs a minimum of 30 inches of space along with 30 inch diameter to draw the water.

Ceiling and Fixture Heights

Bathroom Ceiling and Fixture Heights

Don’t forget to measure the ceiling and fixture height can be as heights when you determine the minimum size of bathroom with shower. This way, the ceiling must be 80 inches at the front part of the sink or toilet and inside the shower. Meanwhile, the ceiling low as 60 inches. The toilet requires 15-17 inches from the floor to the rim. This way, you don’t have to measure the vanity and sink height as long as they fit the heights.


To create a small bathroom completed with a shower, you must also predict the electrical installation which is generally requiring 36 inches from the outside edge of the vanity or sink.

Accessories and Storage

Bathroom storage

Accessories and storage are also usually installed in the bathroom. In this case, you don’t have to worry about it since you can install them anywhere else in the bathroom.


Conclusively, you can definitely make minimum size of bathroom with shower true if you know the right way how to work with the idea. The 5 things to consider we have just described are the most important elements to predict and measure to deal with the limited space of bathroom.

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