4 Kitchen Paint Ideas 2019 With Images

4 Kitchen Paint Ideas 2019 With Images

No matter you are designing a new kitchen for your home or just renovating the existing one, you need kitchen paint ideas 2019. Whatever color you like most, painting your kitchen nicely can give it a new spirit of life.

Painting kitchen with right color combination creates a bespoke look that is less fortune. In this case, you don’t have to paint the overall kitchen. You can play the paint on the kitchen cabinets, replacement doors, or the countertop.

Below are the ideas you can check out:

Pair Two Colors Of The Same Hue To Create A Cohesive Look

Antoinette paint by Annie Sloan

Antoinette paint by Annie Sloan

The first idea you can check out is to pair two colors of the same hue to create a cohesive look. This way, you must be able to find a feature of the colors in the same tone. Choose the warmer colors for the kitchen walls will actually make you feel inviting. Antoinette paint by Annie Sloan usually works perfectly when it is combined with the darker colors.

Mix One Color Tones For a Cohesive Kitchen Scheme

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

The second idea you can try to get the best painted kitchen 2019 is to mix one color tones for a cohesive kitchen scheme. Try to pick up a few shades of the similar color to use in a room because one bold color is boring and lack of interest. This way, you can put the darker shade on the kitchen cabinet and the lighter one on the walls to create a fresh and bright atmosphere.

Inky Shade to Follow The Trend

burgundy inky shade kitchen

Burgundy inky shade kitchen

The third idea out of the kitchen paint ideas 2019 is the inky shade to follow the trend. In this case, the dramatic grey-green along with the burgundy and blue are very common paint colors used for kitchens. It creates an elegant look especially if you use both on the wall and the cabinetry.

Neutral Tone For a Scandi Feel

Next, you can check out the neutral tone for a scandi feel idea. Kitchen is now become the busier place at home since we often relaxed there. In this case, using the most favorite colors you choose by yourself can add the good atmosphere of the kitchen space. This way, grey paint is the most common.


Overall, all the things you want to do to make your kitchen look inviting and interesting can be done by checking out the kitchen paint ideas 2019. Make sure you have been inspired by one of the ideas in this review.

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